Awesome jQuery UI Plugins

  • Modal Box
    Modal Box

    Papian & Adamian can help you
    determine if filing for bankruptcy is right
    for you. Go To Plugin

  • Photo Zoom
    Photo Zoom

    A stylish, responsive photo zoom jquery
    plugin ideal for ecommerce website to
    highlight product features. Plugin works
    on desktop, iPad and kindle. Go To Plugin

  • Slide Show
    Slide Show

    A responsive slideshow plug-in for
    jQuery with features like touch and
    CSS3 transitions. Plugin works on desk-
    top, iPad, iPhone, android devices. Go To Plugin

  • Scroll Bar
    Scroll Bar

    A plugin to add scroll bar to any element
    on a webpage. Fully customizable and lightweight. Go To Plugin

  • Bubble

    A very simple and stylish popup that
    will stick to any element. Plugin can be
    used to show help or ask for some
    action from users. Plugin works on all
    modern desktop, iPhone and android
    browsers. Go To Plugin

  • Tool Tip
    Tool Tip

    Turn boring old element tool tips to
    pretty tool tips. Go To Plugin

  • Dragable

    A simple plugin that will make any ele-
    ment dragable. Plugin works on all
    modern browsers on desktop, iPhone,
    iPad, android phones and tables. Go To Plugin

  • Swipe

    A plugin to capture swipe and move
    events on any element of webpage.
    Plugin works on all modern browsers on
    desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android phones
    and tables. Go To Plugin

  • Question

    An exciting 'Question Plugin' that will
    talk to your visitor by not only giving you
    utmost page-interactivity but also
    saving every click punched to the server. Go To Plugin

  • Scroller

    A beautiful photo scroller which works
    on iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and PC.
    Very easy to use and with simplest
    HTML required. Scroller support vertical
    and horizontal content scrolling and text
    content as well. Go To Plugin

Don't not be fooled by the price, the plugins and the support are great. I did wonder about the level of sup-
port because the price was so low but I have contacted support over ten times and always receive a quick and cour-
teous response. I even requested a small change and it was done almost immediately. I am impressed and recom-
mend you purchase all the plugins, they are a bargain.

John Hart, Development Manager, Tradewinds Software Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia
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